Signed Blocks Needed for Four Freedom Gratitude Quilts

Would you believe we are finally in need of signed blocks for the Four Freedom Gratitude Quilt project?

It is very important to follow the guidelines exactly. Everything is done for a reason to make the quilt properly. Please request the guidelines and signing template by emailing

If you need blank denim, please send a donation to cover postage along with your request to: OQC, 307 Palmer Ln., McCormick, SC 29835.

Please do not make a quilt with your own signed blocks. They need to be reviewed and mixed with blocks from other states.

Your help with this part of our mission is greatly appreciated.

Key Points:

  • 100% cotton jeans only-no spandex (Laundered without Fabric Softener)
  • “Blue” Jeans only
  • 6”x6” EXACT (no seams or pockets)
  • Wording within 4” (Template Very Important)
  • NO Glitter, Embellishments, or Drawings
  • “Black” Sharpies Only
  • Messages of thanks, appreciation and support. Not get well and do not let children use words like “kill, guns, and fighting.”

As of August 21, 2017, I am taking over the collection of signed blocks and distribution of Four Freedom Gratitude Quilt kits as well as dedication blocks for the small quilts.

Hopefully this will help Jan Houin with all she has to do for the important shipments for our Heroes
Completed hand made items will continue to be shipped to Plymouth, Indiana.
Signed blocks will now be shipped to:
307 Palmer Ln.
McCormick, SC 29835
Thank you for all you do and for your cooperation.
Jan Hogg

Board President


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