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Cards for our Heroes: A Fun and Easy Project for Your Group

One of the most popular items sent to our troops overseas are personalized greeting cards. We really need many cards since every package we send should include cards expressing our support and gratitude to our heroes. If you belong to a service club, Girl Scout Troop or employee group, encourage them to have a card signing party or meeting. Take cards with you to the doctor, dentist or keep some handy at home for when you’re waiting on hold on the phone! Last year more than 10,000 cards of encouragement and appreciation were sent to the troops.

Here are guidelines for the cards:

  • Size: approximately 4″ x 5″ or ½ sheet of card stock to fit into a quart size baggie (how we ship
  • The type of cards should be: Thinking of you, patriotic, thank you, cheerful cards
  • No glitter or loose embellishments–this rule is from the request of the medical staff
  • Every card we send must have a personal message written inside. Start off with “Dear Hero” or something similar. This makes it appropriate for any military unit service member. The message can be a simple “thinking of you”, “thank you for your service” or a note describing yourself, your family, your town. Write from the heart. Sign with your name/city/state.
  • No envelopes are needed!
  • Mail cards to:
    Diane Schneider

    12 Wave Lane
    Carolina Shores, NC 28467

Contact Diane with any questions regarding cards.

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