Mission Operation: Quiet Comfort exists to provide physical and emotional support to America’s military men and women while they are serving in harm’s way. We also provide support to those who care for them.

We collect, package, and ship supplies to the U.S. Military men and women who are serving abroad. Our troops need items like hygiene and grooming products, clothing, entertainment, and support from the home front.  They also appreciate coffee and snacks.

We also provide much needed emotional and moral support through care packages and cards. For many of our brave heroes, they are away from home for the first time. The care packages that we send let our brave heroes know that our nation truly cares about them and appreciates their sacrifices for our freedom.

You won’t find any political, ideological or religious views of the war or other conflicts that the United States may be involved in … just the love and comfort of a grateful nation.

Your contributions of time, talent and resources help us provide meaningful support to our warriors during their time of distress far from home. And we have it on good authority that these efforts are of great comfort to their loved ones, too.

Operation: Quiet Comfort (OQC) is a national benefit organization established in July 2004 with an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) designation effective December 5, 2005. Operation: Quiet Comfort is an all-volunteer organization managed by a board of trustees. 95 percent of funds raised are used for our programs of providing comfort items for military men and women.

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Help us with our Postage Expenses

You can help by donating $1 a week.  You can choose to donate weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.  While we are using PayPal to facilitate this, there is an option for you to pay with your credit or debit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. To donate weekly click here: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/billing/plans/subscribe?plan_id=P-97J3871890696032CL4O65OY  To donate …

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Shop our Wish List on Amazon

You can order items we need to ship to the troops now by shopping on our Amazon Wish List. Items on this list are things we regularly send in care packages to U.S. Armed Forces men and women who are deployed. All you have to is purchase the items and Amazon will ship them to …

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Cards Mean so Much to our Heroes

Cards are such an important part of our mission. Not every person serving gets a quilt from OQC, but we try real hard to make sure everyone gets cards/messages from adults and kids from home. Now more than ever we need everyone to try harder to provide the important cards that mean so much to …

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Love & Comfort Shipped

July 21, 2023 We shipped 28 boxes of Love & Comfort. They weighed 562 lb. 9 oz. + 1 Med. Flat Rate box. The postage cost was $689.24 We shipped in the following categories: FOOD & EQUIPMENT: 10 Sugar, 10 creamer, 677 oz. coffee, 192 individual servings tea, 84 microwave meals, 848 individual snacks, 56 …

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More “From the Front” Messages

July 14, 2023 This is the son of one of the OQC board members. We’re happy to send him treats to share while he’s deployed! April 7, 2022 Operation Quiet Comfort, On behalf of Erbil “Hotline” Dustoff, we appreciate the packages and support sent to us, it provides us with useful items, snacks, overnight bags, …

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Guidelines for Signed Blocks

It is very important to follow the guidelines exactly. Everything is done for a reason to make the quilt properly. Please request the guidelines and signing template by emailing Susan Data-Samtak If you need blank denim, please send a donation to cover postage along with your request to: OQC Quilt Project , Susan Data-Samtak, 131 …

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