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WNDU Community Spotlight

We were the focus of our local news broadcast. Click the above link.

Operation: Quiet Comfort is always looking for your stories and photos of successful projects for OQC. We hope to feature those projects on this site to share them with our readers and give them ideas on what our dedicated volunteers are doing to help our troops overseas. If you are working on a block signing or card signing project, hands-on projects, fundraiser or event, write down the details and photos of the participants in action and send them in. We’ll feature the story and provide you with your own byline!

Here are guidelines on what we need:

  • Write your story and provide details on the who, what, where, how and when. Look for an unusual angle to the story to spark interest and describe it.
  • Take high resolution, sharp photos of the action, important people and results of the project to accompany the story. Provide captions to name the people and describe what they’re doing.
  • Send the files by email to Janis Schafnitz-Hogg, Online Newsletter Coordinator,
  • Don’t forget to give your story an attention-getting title.
  • Look for your story in our website soon!

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