Love & Comfort Shipped in 2018

This is an approximate list of items sent to our troops in 2018. It is impossible to keep track of each and every item shipped but we do our best!  
Approximately 416 boxes, 8560 pounds, $15,022.00 postage!

636 Go Bags
243 Large Hygiene Items
592 Travel Size Hygiene Items
166 Toothbrushes 
27 pkg. Feminine Hygiene
432 Sunscreen
507 Flip Flops
109 pair Socks
6 T-Shirts   30 Sweatpants
4 boxes laundry pods  
1 Bread Machine
173 Bread Mix
10 Spreads (PB&J, Honey, Nutella)
1 Large 50 Cup Coffee Maker
104 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
104 Creamer (plastic tub)
192 individual Flavored Creamer
20 pkg. Powdered Milk
7532 oz. *Good* Coffee
3664 K-cups
5760 individual servings Tea  
290 individual servings Hot Chocolate
10624 individual servings Drink Mix
7615 individual servings Healthy Snacks
433 pkg.Tuna
5072 Microwave Meals
150 Meal Kits
118 bags Candy
51 pkg. Gum
25 Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilts
66 Small Quilts   
10 Lapghans  
125 Travel Pillows  
210 Pillow Cases   
25 Puzzle Books  
109 Coloring Books  
138 pkg. Crayons/Colored Pencils       
6 Ping Pong balls    
32 Stress Balls      
1 pkg. Sidewalk Chalk      
4 Books    
34 DVDs    
10 Puzzles    
26 Notebooks    
10 Decks of Cards      
5 Fidget Spinners (special request)      
1 Frisbee      
6 Teddy Bears with Books (for troops to send home)   
1 box Blank Cards (for troops to send home)  
335 Cool Ties  
104 Air Fresheners  
It was impossible to keep an exact count of everything in the stockings and holiday packages but here is my best estimate:  
66 Stockings were stuffed with Ornaments and for the troops to decorate their “home away from home”.  Along with the decorations we sent:    
50 Santa Hats  
632 Healthy Snacks  
400 individual servings Hot Chocolate
4400 individual servings Tea    
586 Holiday Stockings Stateside (These went stateside to our recovering troops at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir, VA)
1617 Holiday Stockings Overseas These stockings included:  
Approximately12 Snacks in EACH (over 26,000 snacks)
1000 Hand Warmers
2203 Pens
2203 Puzzle Books
2203 Tissues
2203 Lip Balm
THOUSANDS of Christmas cards wishing them Happy Holidays from a grateful nation.  
CARDS:  1000s Besides cards sent in the Holiday stockings and Go Bags, we topped off each box with dozens of cards!

OQC depends TOTALLY on Donations!

Unfortunately our funds are running low as we begin the new year. Of course all monetary donations are appreciated and If you would like to hold a fundraiser for OQC in your area, please contact me at for information and ideas.

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