Love & Comfort Shipped October 7, 2021

On 10-7-21 we shipped 44 boxes of Love & Comfort to our troops serving far from home. The total weight was 1,215 lb., 1 oz. + 4 large Flat Rate boxes for a total postage cost of $2,359.04. We shipped in the following categories:

18 Creamer
12 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
1,473 oz. *Good* Coffee
12 K-cup
296 individual servings Tea
1,076 individual servings Drink Mix
461 Microwave Meals
622 individual servings Jerky
378 individual Snacks
185 Candy

164 Go Bags
6 Sunblock
15 large Body Wash
30 large Foot Powder
33 large Toothpaste
33 Toothbrushes
5 pkg. Floss Picks
18 Razors
6 large Shave Gel
4 large After Shave
13 Sanitizer
5 pkg. Wipes
9 pkg. Laundry Pods
1 box Dryer Sheets

20 pr. Flip Flops
16 pr. Socks

5 foam Footballs
7 Puzzles
34 Activity Books
30 pkg. Colored Pencils
5 Sharpeners
22 small Notebooks
6 Pens


We sent 5 cards of appreciation and encouragement in each Go Bag and topped off each box with a bag of 20-30 cards for a total of almost 2,000 cards. PLEASE continue to write a short message letting our troops know that a grateful nation truly cares and they are not forgotten.

Thank you for making these shipments possible! We are now packing for our holiday shipment, but we will continue with our monthly shipments also. Please donate toward postage if you can.  We also are in need of toothbrushes and pens.

Items can be sent to
c/o the Houins
17671 13th Road
Plymouth, IN 46563

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