Love & Comfort Shipped April 28, 2021

We shipped 40 boxes of Love & Comfort to our troops. They had a total weight of 1,471 lb., 12 oz. + 1 Medium Flat Rate for a postage cost of $2,607.73

We shipped in the following categories:

88 Go Bags

28 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
28 Creamer (large plastic tub)
2,396 oz. *Good* Coffee
304 individual servings Tea
2,202 Snacks
111 Candy

6 Puzzle Books

CARDS:  Approximately 1,500 cards went into those boxes,  five cards in each Go Bag and 25-30 cards in the top of each box.  PLEASE keep sending your cards and notes of encouragement and appreciation to let our troops know that a grateful nation truly cares .

Thank you for making this shipment possible.  
Jan Houin
OQC Shipping Coordinator

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