Love & Comfort Shipped June 14 & 19

On June 19th the post office will pick up 19 more care packages for our troops. They had a total weight of 400 lb. + 1 large Flat Rate Box. The postage cost was $640.50

We shipped in the following categories:

17 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
17 Creamer (plastic tub)
1056 oz. *Good* Coffee
636 K-Cups
2300 individual servings Tea
240 individual servings Drink Mix
338 Microwave Meals
952 Healthy Snacks

19 Toothbrushes
10 large Toothpaste
10 travel size Mouthwash
12 Deodorant
4 large Shampoo
16 travel Shampoo
50 Soap
8 pkg. Wet Wipes

12 DVDs
3 Coloring Books
3 pkg. Colored Pencils

As always we topped off each box with a bag of cards so the troops never think they have been forgotten. Your messages of appreciation and encouragement are something they tell us are priceless.

So…while you’re keeping cool this summer, take a few minutes and write a note to the troops. It’s also a great project for kids to keep them from being bored or spending too much screen time while they’re on summer break.

Thanks for making these shipments possible.

Jan in IN

On Thursday, June 14 we will ship 25 large boxes of love and comfort to our troops. This shipment weighs 618 lb., 9 oz. + 1 large Flat Rate box for a postage cost of $927.47

We shipped in the following categories:

9 Go Bags

185 pair Flip Flops

1 Coffee Maker
1 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
1 Creamer (plastic tub)
1 pkg. Cappuccino mix
162 oz. *Good* Coffee
104 K-cups
200 individual servings Tea
5552 individual servings Drink Mix
277 Microwave Meals
2989 individual Snacks
9 pkg. Gum
5 Bread Mix
6 Spreads (PB&J and Honey)

Every box was topped off with a bag of approximately 20 cards, so over 500 messages were sent to let our troops know they are not forgotten.

Thank you for making these shipments possible.

Jan in IN

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