Dec 10

More “From the Front” Messages

December 30, 2017
Hello!! I wanted to thank you for your kind gesture and support of the troops! I received one of your wonderful cards and goodies and wanted to thank you. Please know that your contributions mean a lot to the service members. I wanted to write u back but I could not find an address, just a name. Thank you Barbara ____ from Plymouth IN! Wishing you only the best all the way from the Middle East! God bless.
N. ______

Operation Quiet Comfort,
Please forgive my choice of “Thank You” card, I have a limited selection. I am writing on behalf of our hospital here in Afghanistan, and want to sincerely thank you for thinking of us and sending to us, some comforts from home.

Thanks Again and Happy Holidays
Hospital Commande

December 24, 2017
Dear Jan S-H,

Thank you for sending all the things you sent and the cards and stockings. It really made a better Christmas for me and most of the soldiers around me. We really appreciate it.

Please tell Pam that I appreciate her note also. There’s no other information, but she wrote a nice note and I appreciate it.

Thank you very much, and God bless you all.

Merry Christmas,

Michael L. _____
Camp ____, Kuwait
APO, AE ______

December 5, 2017
All I can say is WOW! And Thank you.

I received several boxes of care items and stockings today at Lighthouse Chapel Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center, Baghdad, Iraq. Big thanks to your teams from Plymouth IN night packing crew on filling these boxes with love and honor to our support personnel, Combat Support Hospital, Recon Teams, Police Teams, Navy Special Forces, Army Special Forces, Veterinary Army Staff, Civil Engineers, Contracting personnel, Food Service Staff, Red Cross and the many more that make up the BDSC team.

Great work and partnership as we celebrate this Christmas Season and take care of the missions in Iraq and Syria. You are amazing.

For God and Country,
Chaplain (MAJ) Tony M. ______

December 7, 2017
Operation Quiet Comfort,
There is not enough words that we can say for every thing you all do for soldiers. We are very thankful and it means a lot during this time of year.

Thank you,
SFC Colleen _____
U.S. Army

December 9, 2017
Good morning!

My name is Sgt Baker, Ryan. I am currently stationed at Camp _______, Kuwait. I am an Information Technology Analyst for the United States Army Signal Corps. Recently, we received a care package from you and was overjoyed upon opening it! We quickly began to distribute the snacks, candy, toiletries, magazines, socks and games around the platoon and buddies. It’s almost Christmas and your generosity brought a smile to each and every one of our faces. Being separated from our family, loved ones and friends during this time of year is extremely difficult. We each deal with it in our own way. I wanted to formally thank you for you relentless support and unwavering dedication to United States service men and women stationed abroad. Words do not do justice to explain how grateful we truly are. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and an extremly festive New Year. All my love and respect.

Sgt Ryan C. _______
“Warriors lead the way!”

Dear Jan and all the good people at OQC,
Thank you very much for your support! It REALLY matters. Knowing that you wish us well helps us focus on the task at hand.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. It’s almost Christmas time our here in Kuwait. When I arrived in August I never thought Kuwait would ever be cold, but we are experiencing some cold weather here. It sure beats 120 degrees.Let everyone know that we appreciate them and the work they put in. We have really been amazed by all the letters and boxes that have been arriving from the USA.

LOTS of what we find in the care packages are put to good use, I assure you.
Best wishes!

David _______, USAF
Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve
OIC, Collection Management
Camp ______, Kuwait

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