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9,031 Pounds of Love & Comfort Shipped in 2016

By Jan Houin, Plymouth, IN

Here is the report of estimated totals of 2016 shipments*. They are “estimated” because I have rounded off some numbers, and it’s just possible that a few granola bars or bags of coffee slipped through the count. We do our best here in Plymouth, IN, but remember, we are all volunteers.

Over 4½ TONS of love and comfort went to our troops! Once again I want to give a big THANK YOU to my husband Kenny. Even with the help of many volunteers, Kenny ends up handling each of those boxes at least once and more likely multiple times before the post office picks them up.

We are well known by our local postal workers. It may be 20 to 45 boxes at a time that we send, which used to require two trips or two trucks for a pick up, and we live about ten miles from the post office. They recently received new large vans, so it can all be done in one trip, but I’m glad I don’t have to lift all those boxes at once! It’s their job but they do it with a smile.

Look again at the postage cost — nearly $12,000.00 to get these gifts to our troops! Postage is all paid with donations. Operation: Quiet Comfort is staffed entirely by volunteers, and we depend solely on donations from people across the country who believe that our military men and women need to be supported by Americans at home—showing them that a grateful nation truly cares.

Approximately 336 boxes, 9,031 pounds, $11,907 postage!

744 Go Bags
454 Hygiene Items
23 pkg. Feminine Hygiene
140 “We Care” Kits (toothpaste, toothbrush, comb,
shampoo, lotion, deodorant)

67 Flip Flops
92 pair Socks
50 Sweat Shirts
75 Sweat Pants

1 Bread Machine
1 Bread Board
104 Bread Mix
37 Spreads (PB&J, Honey, Nutella)
1 Coffee Maker
67 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
67 Creamer (plastic tub)
8 Coffee Flavorings
8242 oz. “Good” Coffee
96 oz. Cappuccino
75 individual servings Instant Coffee & Latte
5105 individual servings Tea
597 individual servings Hot Chocolate
2683 K-cups
54 individual servings Instant Cider
6786 individual servings Drink Mix
9 Drink Mix (8 qt. size)
8979 individual servings Healthy Snacks
1352 Microwave Meals
3895 individual servings Jerky
29 pkg. Candy/Gum
60 pkg. Microwave Popcorn

31 Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilts
67 Small Quilts
16 Lapghans
5 Cotton Blankets
50 Travel Pillows
100 Pillow Cases

114 Puzzle Books

1175 Cool Ties

504 Holiday Stockings (These went stateside to our recovering troops at  Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir, VA. Each stocking included a bag of snacks, puzzle book and pen with a note letting them know they are not forgotten.)

 902 Holiday Stockings (Each filled with: a pair of Socks, a bag of Snacks, Hand and Toe Warmers, a Phone Card, Puzzle Book, Pen and Cards from across the nation.)

22 Santa Hats
30 pkg. of Ornaments
660 individual servings Tea

CARDS: 1000s
Besides cards sent in the Holiday stockings and Go Bags, we topped off each box with dozens of cards!

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