Oct 14

Love & Comfort Shipped Oct. 11

 We shipped 71 boxes today with a total weight of 1678 lb., 9 oz. for a total postage cost of $2,717.71. This was almost double our usual monthly shipment because we needed to clear out our inventory to make room for the holiday project. We will be packing approximately 2,000 Christmas stockings on October 28th here in Plymouth, IN.

We shipped in the following categories:

26 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
26 Creamer (plastic tub)
2292 oz. *Good* Coffee
1266 K-Cups
221 individual servings Tea
108 individual servings Drink Mix
331 Microwave Meals
245 packages Jerky
102 individual servings Tuna
1940 Healthy Snacks
20 pkg. Chips
4 pkg. Cookies
49 Bread Mixes
2 pair Flip Flops
48 pair Female Crew Socks

199 Go Bags
83 large Hygiene Items
289 travel size Hygiene Items
12 large Toothpaste
12 Toothbrushes
16 large pkg. Wipes
13 pkg. Feminine Hygiene

2 Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilts
9 Small Quilts
50 Travel Pillows
100 Pillow Cases

8 Air Fresheners
5 pkg. Laundry Pods
5 pkg. Dryer Sheets
80 Hand Warmers

We shipped 5 cards in each Go Bag = 995
We topped off most boxes with a bag of approximately 20 cards = over 1000 more!
Sadly a few boxes went with no cards. PLEASE take time to write a simple message on a few cards. We need Christmas cards in the next week but we need 1000s of cards all year round to let the troops know that a grateful nation truly cares!

Thank you for continuing to support our troops with your cards and donations (look back at the postage cost at the top of this page) to keep these boxes of love and comfort moving!

Jan in IN

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