Oct 14

Love & Comfort Shipped Jan. 31

On January 31st we shipped 20 boxes of love and comfort items to the troops. They had a total weight of 442 lb., 6 oz. + 2 large Flat Rate boxes for a total postage cost of $726.41

We shipped in the following categories:


5 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tubs)
5 Creamer (plastic tubs)
192 oz. *Good* Coffee
784 K-cups
200 individual servings Tea
56 individual servings Hot Chocolate
34 individual servings Cappuccino
62 individual servings Drink Mix
702 individual Healthy Snacks
24 pkg. Tuna
2 Microwave Meals
9 bags Candy


157 travel size Hygiene Items
29 large Hygiene Items
24 pkg. Feminine Hygiene
47 Go Bags


75 Travel Pillows
153 Pillow Cases
3 Lapghans


40 Notepads & Pens
8 Puzzle Books
4 Puzzles
1 set Dominos
2 Stress Balls
1 Yo-yo
5 decks Cards

As always 5 cards went in every Go Bag and each box was topped off with a large bag of cards so 100s of CARDS of encouragement and appreciation are on their way to our troops letting them know that a grateful nation truly cares!

PLEASE continue sending cards with heartfelt messages (see the website for instructions and where to send). Your generosity is what keeps these care packages going to the troops. Share this opportunity with all of your friends, family and co-workers!

Jan in IN

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