Love & Comfort Shipped March 6

The post office is picking up 16 boxes March 6th. The boxes weigh 343 lb. + 1 large Flat Rate for a total postage cost of $590.84

We shipped in the following categories:

25 Travel Pillows
50 Pillow Cases

16 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub)
16 Creamer (plastic tub)
792 oz. *Good* Coffee
1540 individual servings Tea
20 individual servings Hot Chocolate
30 individual servings Drink Mix
196 individual servings Healthy Snacks
182 Easy Mac
92 Microwave Meals
23 bags Candy
2 pkg. Gum

Once again every box was topped off with a bag of 20+ cards!

Thank you for supporting Operation: Quiet Comfort and making these shipments possible. We’re making sure that our troops know that a grateful nation truly cares!

Jan in IN


PLEASE continue sending cards with heartfelt messages (see the website for instructions and where to send). Your generosity is what keeps these care packages going to the troops. Share this opportunity with all of your friends, family and co-workers!

Jan in IN

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