Skydivers Jump to Raise Funds for “Operation Quiet Comfort”

WNDU, PLYMOUTH, Ind. Aug. 3, 2014— We’ve heard of tailgating for sporting events and concerts, but for skydiving? Well a group of folks in

Operation: Quiet Comfort Skydive

Operation: Quiet Comfort Skydive fundraiser

Plymouth did just that as a fundraiser for “Operation Quiet Comfort.”

Today, four brave souls suited up and parachuted down to Plymouth Sky Sports. Family and friends barbecued in the Plymouth airport parking lot and watched as their loved ones glided down from the sky. Operation Quiet Comfort makes quilts for our troops right here in Plymouth. Each quilt is made up of handwritten messages to injured servicemen.
This was the third jump Jan Houin has done. “You know our troops do things every day that they’re asked to do, that they may not be comfortable with,” said Houin. “This is just one way, we’re having fun, we’re not getting shot at, we’re still doing something good for our troops and raising money that helps support the care packages we send overseas at this time.”

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