Operation Quiet Comfort exists solely for the purpose of honoring and comforting America’s military men and women who become sick and injured while serving in harm’s way. We also  provide support to those who care for them.

We collect, package and ship supplies for U.S. Military men and women receiving care at medical facilities abroad. Often our injured men and women arrive for medical care without their belongings, and it can take weeks before those belongings catch up with them – and sometimes they don’t arrive at all. Even when injured our troops need items like hygiene and grooming products, clothing, entertainment and support from the home front.

You won’t find any political, ideological or religious views of the war or other conflicts that the United States may be involved in … just the love and comfort of a grateful nation.

Your contributions of time, talent and resources help us provide meaningful support to our wounded warriors during their time of distress far from home. And  we have it on good authority that these efforts are of great comfort to their loved ones, too.

Operation: Quiet Comfort (OQC) is a national benefit organization established in July 2004 with an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) designation effective December 5, 2005. Operation: Quiet Comfort is an all-volunteer organization managed by a board of trustees. 95 percent of funds raised are used for our programs of providing comfort items for wounded military.

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December 5, 2017 All I can say is WOW! And Thank you. I received several boxes of care items and stockings today at Lighthouse Chapel Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center, Baghdad, Iraq. Big thanks to your teams from Plymouth IN night packing crew on filling these boxes with love and honor to our support personnel, Combat …

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2017 Holiday Shipment is Complete!

The Holiday 2017 shipment is complete!  We sent 2,393 Christmas stockings.  There were 112 boxes with a total weight of 3,524 lb., 4 oz. (that’s 1.76 TONS!!!) The postage cost was $4,945.08 We are still accepting donations to cover the entire cost so we don’t have to take anything from our regular budget. It was …

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Holiday Cards NEEDED!

We need over 3000 Christmas cards to add to our Holiday stockings! I have been given hundreds of cards over the past two weeks but they need to have a simple personal note added to each one. If you have a group of family, friends or co-workers who are willing to sign these cards please …

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Signed Blocks Needed for Four Freedom Gratitude Quilts

Would you believe we are finally in need of signed blocks for the Four Freedom Gratitude Quilt project? It is very important to follow the guidelines exactly. Everything is done for a reason to make the quilt properly. Please request the guidelines and signing template by emailing jans-h@operationquietcomfort.com. If you need blank denim, please send …

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