Operation Quiet Comfort exists solely for the purpose of honoring and comforting America’s military men and women who become sick and injured while serving in harm’s way. We also  provide support to those who care for them.

We collect, package and ship supplies for U.S. Military men and women receiving care at medical facilities abroad. Often our injured men and women arrive for medical care without their belongings, and it can take weeks before those belongings catch up with them – and sometimes they don’t arrive at all. Even when injured our troops need items like hygiene and grooming products, clothing, entertainment and support from the home front.

You won’t find any political, ideological or religious views of the war or other conflicts that the United States may be involved in … just the love and comfort of a grateful nation.

Your contributions of time, talent and resources help us provide meaningful support to our wounded warriors during their time of distress far from home. And  we have it on good authority that these efforts are of great comfort to their loved ones, too.

Operation: Quiet Comfort (OQC) is a national benefit organization established in July 2004 with an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) designation effective December 5, 2005. Operation: Quiet Comfort is an all-volunteer organization managed by a board of trustees. 95 percent of funds raised are used for our programs of providing comfort items for wounded military.

Volunteers pose at the holiday packing day.

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Holiday Packing a HUGE Success!

On November 10th approximately 70 volunteers showed up for our “official” holiday packing day. On short notice, 7 volunteers came on November 14th (after I did a quick shopping trip for items we ran short on) for a “second chance packing”. November 26th we had a group of youngsters and parents from Project Kindness helping …

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Cards Mean so Much to our Heroes

Cards are such an important part of our mission. Not every person serving gets a quilt from OQC, but we try real hard to make sure everyone gets cards/messages from adults and kids from home. Now more than ever we need everyone to try harder to provide the important cards that mean so much to …

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Cool Ties Help Troops Beat the Heat

Jan H. has informed me that we barely have 100 Cool Ties. We desperately need more to comfort the men and women serving in harms way and enduring the extreme heat. We need your help. If you have made them in the past, you know what to do. If you would like to learn, they …

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Love & Comfort Shipped Sept. 25

On Wednesday, September 25th we shipped 35 packages of love & comfort to our troops. The total weight was 764 lb. + 2 medium Flat Rate boxes. The postage cost was $1,145.87 We shipped in the following categories: FOOD & EQUIPMENT: 8 Creamer (plastic tub) 8 Sugar (4 lb. plastic tub) 768 oz. *Good* Coffee …

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Hydrate our Heroes

Once again it is time to “Hydrate our Heroes.” Our deployed military serving in harms way are experiencing the heat as we are. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated for good health. Sending electrolyte drink additives is part of our mission and unfortunately it is one of our most expensive shipments. …

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From the USO Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

Among our strongest supporters are the people at Operation: Quiet Comfort. They sent us a big box of bread mixes so we spent a morning baking and then served peanut butter & jelly on freshly baked bread for lunch. Our service members were grateful for the change of pace and very appreciative for the support …

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